Discover Nicolas Sursock Tea blend for Sursock Museum

Discover Nicolas Sursock Tea blend for Sursock Museum

STORY - Produced in China at the Fujian province, where the White Silver Needle was first created for the Chinese Emperor in the Han Dynasty as early as the 2nd century BC. This tea is then carefully toasted with jasmine and aged in the Yunnan province of China. The toasting and the aging process is exclusive to our brand and was created for the Sursock Museum store.

CIGAR PAIRING - Light to medium body Cigar.

TASTING NOTES - White tea, jasmine, light smokiness.

WHEN TO DRINK - At night or any time of the day that you seek relaxation. The tea has lingering and soothing notes and is very low Caffeine/Theine levels around 20mg a cup.

BENEFITS - White tea silver needle lowers blood cholesterol and revives collagen; the jasmine is a refreshing note and is a good mood booster.

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