The Blue House Tea is a Unique Concept in the World of Tea, focusing on Rare and Organic Teas and Herbs that are noncommercial and of the highest grade.

Blue colors our water and tea, a tribute to the distant seas that the Phoenicians traversed, unearthing exotic herbs to bring home. The homelike atmosphere evoked by every cup of tea offers a sense of security and comfort. 

Like our ancestors the Phoenicians who 4 millennia ago adventured the Blue Seas far and wide to bring diverse spices and herbs from the legendary silk road, our mission continues to bring you the finest tea grades and most exclusive herbs from Lebanon and beyond, harvested directly from farms and delivered to you. our commitment to corporate social responsibility centers around empowering female farmers from rural communities to cultivate herbs in different parts of Lebanon.

Our CSR mission revolves around empowering women farmers in villages to grow herbs in different parts of the Mediterranean. Always seeking to support small farmers in this region that includes Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Tunis and Spain.

Our team constitutes of international master blenders, along with senior food critiques that work with gastronomic food awards across the globe.

Alongside our dedication to quality, we always produce tea the fair-trade way, having our own tea fields that are exclusive for our tea blends with our own unique tea-aging process in China and Japan.

We respect tea traditions and work to revive it. We believe a good tea should be cherished and treated with care in order to present the best tea to the customer.

Explore our wide selection and find over 35 flavors and blends from around the world when you visit our website to discover more about our brand. For business queries or media interviews, kindly send an email to