The Disco Detox - 20 Days
The Disco Detox - 20 Days The Disco Detox - 20 Days
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The Disco Detox - 20 Days

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A blend of Matcha Matte Imperial Green Tea with Blue flowers and lemongrass.
This disco Detox, starts yellow-green and then morphs into light blue and then ends up in jade color.
This highly nutritious blend, boost the metabolism to burn extra calories you want to shed away. It's best enjoyed in the morning, or during the day, not preferred to drink before you sleep due to natural high theine levels.
No added preservatives or GMOs or artificial flavors. All organic and rare ingredients carefully blended together.
Body: Sweet and earthy with lingering notes paired with lemongrass
Origin: China, Sri Lanka, Thailand // Theine: Zero to very low
Brewing time: 5minutes

Rebrews: Up to 2 times

Quantity: 100grams serves you for 20 days