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The Blue House was a haven for Zen lovers.  It was the only venue in Beirut offering authentic tea rituals and a respite for those seeking deep healing through meditation - a hidden gem and relaxing getaway for Lebanese and foreigners alike.

On August 4, the entire Blue House team was preparing our secret garden for Serene and Jamal's wedding. At 6pm, the mega explosion hit and showered us with shattered glass, wood, brick and other debris.  All eight of our team members, as well as the bride and groom, were injured.  Glass was embedded in our bodies, sticking out of our foreheads and arms.  It took four hours for a medical team to reach us through the rubble of Gemmayze.  With our 100-year-old establishment nearly completely destroyed (it no longer has a roof, or any doors, and our full inventory was pulverised) our team is now without job and salary.

The true destruction isn't limited to our workplace; we lost our family homes, cars, shops, pharmacies, schools, roads, cafes....our daily lives have been completely disrupted and our livelihoods destroyed.  All this on top of statewide mass protests, economic and political collapse and a pandemic. In the absence of any form of government support, we're asking you, our friends and family, to contribute to our GoFundMe campaign to support the Blue House Team and help us rebuild our lives.

With gratitude and much love,

The Blue House Team

If you are interested to help inside Lebanon please contact me by Phone or whatsapp 0096170071080
Lebanese Bank Account includes a fresh money account for abroad transfers
Beneficiary Name: Badeeh Abla
Iban: LB03 0001 0211 USD1 5210 7256 2401
Bank name: Fransabank
Branch: Boucheriah
Swift code: FSABLBBX
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Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you all so much!

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