Matcha Goddess Morning Smoothie

Matcha Goddess Morning Smoothie

Are you looking for the perfect morning smoothie that could boost your day with the right energy?

Then you have found the recipe you have been craving. Lime, Apple, Ginger and Matcha, a match made in heaven with the option of adding Avocado and Bananas to create a full body for this smoothie.


The benefits are numerous, lets start with the Matcha that will boost your metabolism and make your body ready to digest lunch and early dinner. The benefits does not stop there, Matcha boosts hair follicles, skin and nails, as you will be ingesting the whole green leaf high in chlorophyll and antioxidants. Its anti-cancerous and helps to clean your system. The ginger adds a shredding effects, and boosts your immunity and send those extra pounds away, along with the apples and lime that adds strength to your heart, veins and chest. 

If your planning to go to the gym after drinking this smoothie, then defintly add avocado for protein and bananas for potassium.

The matcha used in this smoothie is a Blue House Ceremonial Matcha from Kyoto sourced the imperial way, fair-trade and fresh from the source. Our kitchen/smoothies matcha blend would work too. It depends on your taste preference. We don't recommend using the Blue House Monks Matcha blend for smoothies, but rather for meditation.

Bonne appetite.


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