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The Emperor Package - THE BLUE HOUSE
The Emperor Package - THE BLUE HOUSE The Emperor Package
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The Emperor Package

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A selection of Chinese tea created for emperors in the Song and Qing Dynasties.

> Iron goddess of mercy Oolong - 25grams

A rare oolong from the Anxi County, where it was first made. This oolong can be drank at night. It is baked and organically certified. It has a very low theine level less than 355mg per cup. It is high in GABA so it works at enhancing your sleep quality and mood.

Brewing temperature: 80 to 90, brewing times 2 to 3minutes.

 > Ginseng Oolong - 25grams  

The miraculous wonders of ginseng attracts all tea lovers because of its ability of boosting health. These rock like pieces are full leafs hand rolled and toasted with Ginseng root. One teaspoon can be rebrewed up to 4 or 6 times. 

Brewing temperature: 80 to 90, brewing times 2 to 3minutes.

> Emperor White tea jasmine or Nicolas Sursock Blend - 25grams

 White was always exclusive to emperors, the interesting mix of this emperor white is that it is made in Fujian Province of China and toasted with jasmine to allow the aging process in the Yunnan province. The tea process is unique to the blue house tea and is titles as "Nicolas Sursock blend".

Brewing temperature: 70 to 80, brewing times 4 to 5minutes.

 > 3 mini glass jars with Pu Er bullets tea 

Pu Er means aged tea, these 3 bullets of Pu Er are 2 years old and can age in the jar hidden from light for another 5 years. The Pu Er is high theine and acts a remedy for weight loss. Woody and amberish, it can be rebrewed several times, till no color comes from it. The changing taste with every brew makes it an interesting journey. 

Brewing temperature: 70 to 80, brewing times 4 to 5minutes.

> Lung Ching green tea - 25grams

Rare and in high demand, with mild and sweet –nut-like– flavour. Recommendation is do first water wash with warm water to make the leaf ready for brewing. 

Brewing temperature: 70 to 80, brewing times 3 to 4minutes.

> Tea description kept in a blue leather matt wallet
+ one teapot with filter


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